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Teaching business is an important strategy for parenting. There are many life skills learned through business. The ability to manage interactions with a business and work for a business are essential skills.

We  saw the need for business education and launched in 2000. The site has grown in content and several million pages of business content have been viewed by kids, families and educators.

This site was developed by Jeff M. Brown to introduce, engage and launch kids into business. It is an excellent resource for a number of life skills for children and a recommended strategy for parenting.

Learning about business is a good influence on children and an opportunity to share your experiences and explore business together with your children.

Jeff also wrote and published the book, "The Kids' Guide to Business" which has been translated in several languages and published in a number of countries.

"The Kids' Guide To Business" by Jeff M. Brown is available in online book stores or directly from our website below. (Unfortunately my book has been copied by others so please make sure the cover and author are as shown below)

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The Kids' Guide To Business