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Strategies for Parenting - Shoe Tying

An example of the thinking behind a simple "strategies for parenting":

Shoe Tying

Most parents will teach their children to tie their shoes.  What is a parents motivation for teaching their child this life skill? It could simply be so the parent no longer has to tie their child's shoe, or as we like to approach it; the ability for a child to tie their own shoe is a life skill and a stepping stone to independence. We encouraged our children to learn the skill, realizing it was another step towards gaining confidence, personal pride, and reaching their goals.

Furthermore, we used it as an opportunity for our child to participate in a video demonstration of their new skill.  Our daughter, Hayley showed off her newly developed talent while our son managed the video recording.  This engaged our son, teaching him to videotape and encourage his sister. 

One of our many fun family traditions is to celebrate accomplishments with "smiley cakes"- a cake with a happy face decoration.  This was one of those "smiley cake" moments.

The concept of "strategies for parenting" is demonstrated in a video (below) of our daughter Hayley when she was 3 years old. The point of this example is to recognize the many benefits from a simple strategy. This approach can apply to many activities at any age. Not all activities have to be a video production, but it can be managed as an opportunity for a teaching moment on a number of levels and a time to celebrate accomplishments.