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Planning Parenthood

Some things to consider;

  1.  The importance of your partner in parenting. You will succeed as a team.

  2. Is your partner committed to having children and aware of the responsibilities of parenting.

  3. The need to discuss strategies for parenting with your partner before you become parents and as you evolve as parents. (preferably before you commit to a long term relationship)

  4. The importance of consistency between parents. Partners in parenting need to work together with similar goals.

  5. Important to understand yourself and how you were as a child. Your children have your genes and will be an interesting and often challenging combination of the parents. Learn to manage yourself and you will manage your children.

  6. Develop an understanding of how you will parent. Role play in situations and discuss your thinking.

Unfortunately a high percentage of marriages fail which have consequences on parents, children and society.

Parenting can be an amazing and rewarding journey and/or a source of a lot of tension in a household.

If you can choose your partner with a better understanding of how they were parented and how they feel your children should be parented; you will avoid a lot of stress in your life.

Take the time and consider parenting as a consideration in selecting your partner and future parenting partner.

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