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Parenting Tips

Strategies for parenting can also be considered as parenting tips. Our parenting tips are more thoughtful then basic tips.

1. Commit to being a parent. Balance your life. Make the time with your family and the thinking you do to be a parent; a priority in your life.

2. Determine your strategies and be consistent with how you parent. You should evolve as a parent but there should be a consistent parenting approach.

3. Do not follow the status quo. Do not follow the common approach but be more thoughtful and set higher goals.

4. Understand yourself when you were a child and your current characteristics. As parents; your children have your genes and are an interesting mix.

5. Learn to be patient. Learn to listen and teach respect to your children by listening to them and have them listen to others.

6. Learn to become friends with your children with common interests and determine ways to share down time together.

7. Find things that you can do with your children for life.

8. Learn to expose your child to opportunities in life to discover and develop their skills and passions.

9. Lead by example. The rules you set are better understood when you follow them and show your commitment to them.

10. Read the book "Strategies for Parenting - The Road to Independence" to help you think about the right parenting strategies for you.