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Strategies is a resource to help parents. We will continue to add information in our strategy resource area. Please enjoy this section.

We use the term "strategies for parenting" to apply more of strategic thinking to what we do as parents - to take parenting to next level by being more thoughtful in how we approach parenting and the decisions we make.

By definition; Strategic thinking is a mindset that involves finding and coming up with all the best possible solutions for various scenarios and events, in response to internal or external factors, to effect the most desirable of results or outcomes in the most advantageous way possible. Our thinking is not as complicated but uses the basis of challenging your thinking and looking over the longer term.

Everyone has an approach or a way they parent. In using "strategies for parenting" we use an approach to take parenting to the next level. We believe there are many opportunities for learning and child development from many regular activities. By giving some extra thought to what you do as a parent and the impact you can have; you will grow as a parent in simple and noticeable ways.

The table of contents from our book "Strategies for Parenting - The Road To Independence" lists a number of strategies for parenting we discuss in the book.[Link to Table of Contents]

There are a number of resources under the "Strategies" page tab.

The goal is to reflect on this thinking and develop your own strategies.