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Consulting by Jeff M. Brown

Consulting is available from Jeff M. Brown founder of, author of "The Kids' Guide to Business" and "Strategies for Parenting - The Road to Independence".

As you browse through the website, you will realize there is a theme of a clear and different approach then other resources. This site has a unique focus on "thinking" and "strategy". When both of these are considered in parenting; the results can be quick, effective and lasting. In addition, I believe in fundamentals of parenting as the foundation to succeed as a parent. With the right commitment, guiding fundamentals and consistency; people can succeed as parents.

I am a professional business person and an experienced parent. I have over 20 years of parenting experience and observed and studied parenting for many more years.  I have a simple and effective way of thinking about parenting.   As a social entrepreneur, I look at things in the context of how to do it better and impact people in a positive way.  My strength is in getting to the route of the problem. People often manage symptoms but fail to understand the reason for the issue in the first place.

My best valued advice as a parenting consultant is to buy my book "Strategies for Parenting - The Road to Independence" and spend several hours reading the book. Reflect on the thinking provided in the book and discuss it with your partner and children. This will save you time, money and most importantly provide you with good thinking to help you as a parent.

If you would like more insight into the strategies for parenting subject matter in the book; I am available by phone in North America and via Skype in other countries or via email discussions.

My rate is $100.00 per hour.

The fee can be paid in advance through On receipt of your payment, I will email and ask for a brief introduction and determine your focus on the type of advice you are looking for. You can also provide a session(s) as a gift.

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