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Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When, Where, How & Impact

Teaching your children business is on the most important strategies for parenting. Through this process your children will develop life skills and experience to prepare for business.

Simple and effective strategies and activities to develop life skills and experiences that prepare kids of all ages for business. This book provides progressive thinking, ideas to implement, teaching techniques, and a solid framework to teach kids business. The use of this content will help to shape an action plan for teaching kids business, encouraging business conversations, helping children to become more aware and interested in business, creating opportunities for skill development and experience, and instilling confidence and a higher level of respect in children through business techniques and skills.

This book will:

·        Broaden the meaning of teaching kids business.

·        Create more opportunities to teach business and witness greater impact.

·        Help kids become more aware and interested in business.

·        Begin business conversations, activities, and preparation with kids.

·        Begin business conversations, activities, and business.


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