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Social Cause "Strategies for Parenting"

“Strategies of parenting” is a social cause to engage people in the development and communications of strategies for parenting to help develop parenting with a positive impact on children, communities and society.

Our mandate is to find ways to share strategies with parents. We can all contribute easily and benefit from the positive effects on families and the development of children.

This is a unique social cause that you may not have thought of:

  1.  Parenting is something we are all aware of and have varying options on how it should be done. There is an opportunity for improvement.
  2.   We all agree parenting is a key role in society that has a tremendous impact on the lives of children and our greater society. If we help parents; we can have a great impact on children and society.
  3.  Most will agree that we as parents can do a better job of parenting. Most people want to be good parents. The key is to find ways to help people improve their parenting.
  4. For those of us who are parents or have been parented, we know there is an opportunity to be more effective as parents. We can help ourselves and others.
  5. If we look at this analysis collectively; there is an opportunity to help parents, there is an interest by parents to improve parenting skills and we all have a common goal of having a positive impact on society.
  6. If we start talking about "strategies for parenting" in our communities and through social media; we can make a difference.

Impact of a social cause: (we can make a difference)

As approximately 50% of the population is parents; this social cause has the potential of reaching many people. Parents impact the lives of all children in the world; therefore any positive impact we have on parenting can have an impact on children.

The question becomes how do we help parents within a social cause and/or make parenting a social cause. A good starting point is to agree that parenting should be a social cause and begin the process of developing the message to communicate and then create awareness and take action.

Youth are our future while parenting helps shape our youth. The impact we have on parents has a lasting effect on children and generations to come.

Message we plan to communicate:

Parenting in general is a very worthwhile social cause that can have a significant impact on; a large part of our population, children, households, neighborhoods, communities and society. Improved parenting can get to the root of many social problems and create exciting opportunities. Youth is our future but parenting establishes how well our youth will be prepared to succeed.

Create Awareness - everyone can get involved:

We can get involved by;

1. Discussing strategies for parenting at home with our partner and children.

2. We can start to communicate strategies that are not currently working, areas of opportunity to improve and strategies we are willing to try.

3. We can discuss strategies for parenting with our friends and in social gatherings or through social media and online discussions.


Create Resources

This website, our book and our YouTube channel “Strategies for parenting” are developing to profile people’s experiences with strategies for parenting.

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Next steps:


We are working on getting the conversations going, sharing strategies through our book “Strategies for Parenting - The Road to Independence” and working at research and development of additional strategies.