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Book Promo Video. Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When, Where, How & Impact

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Launch of the Book That Will Teach You All about

Jeff M. Brown, the founder of website, has penned down a detailed guide titled

Book Launch. Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When, Where, How & Impact

> Launches a Consulting Practice for Parents.

Jeff M. Brown founder of has launched a consulting practice for parenting. It is based on the strategies outlined in the book "Strategies for Parenting - The Road to Independence".

This is an opportunity to discuss parenting from a unique and more strategic perspective. It is also a unique approach from a father who has a good understanding of the importance and respect for the role of mother and children in parenting.

Jeff is a professional accountant, business consultant, author of several books on parenting and teaching kids business and a social entrepreneur trying to make a positive impact on society.

Strategies for parenting using a "thinking hat" approach

An effective strategy for parenting is a multiple “thinking hat” approach to decide on matters using various perspectives from all involved.

“Strategies for parenting” is about a new approach to thinking as parents. One simple strategy is to use more strategies for thinking in your approach to parenting and the decisions you make as a parent. If you approach you’re thinking process from various perspectives from your family members; you will arrive at well thought out decisions which will be understood and more likely to be followed.

“Thinking is the ultimate human resource. Yet we can never be satisfied with our most important skill. No matter how good we became, we should always want to be better.” – Edward de Bono

One unique and effective strategy for thinking is the Edward de Bono “Six Thinking Hats” approach. As parents we often feel we are wearing several hats in our daily lives to balance the many responsibilities we juggle. An analogy of wearing hats can also be applied to the way you think as a parent. There are times when you need to give more thought and look at situations from a number of perspectives or with a number of thinking hats on and with input from others.

Thinking is a skill that can be developed. Once you develop a good attitude towards thinking you can begin to improve your thinking. is developing a section on thinking to help develop this skill and take parenting to the next level.

Why this approach to thinking works

The best thing about using the approach of “thinking hats” is it creates an environment where a number of viewpoints are explored. Every voice is expressed and heard which is important in parenting. When everybody gets to look at the same situation from different perspectives, there is a more positive outcome and decisions will be better understood and adhered to.

The “Six Thinking Hats” ask participants to wear the same color “thinking hat” at the same time. This encourages participants to think in parallel – discussing aspects of an idea one at a time, engaging in objective fact-finding together, and exploring risks and disadvantages collectively. This focuses the group on thinking in the same direction and not at cross purposes. People who feel that they are part of the process are more likely to accept or even buy into the outcome.

Often a family issue or strategy for parenting will have a range of perspectives from each member in the family. If you apply the “thinking hats” approach, you will get each person discussing each perspective along the way to deciding on appropriate action. This helps in the process of parents coming to a thoughtful decision- and allows children to be involved in the thinking and decisions on strategies used in their parenting.

How to use the thinking hats

There are six “thinking hats” which when considered help you think about a situation in a very different way. Once you get through each of the “thinking hat” approaches, you will apply a very helpful thinking process. In reality if you at least progress your thinking to several of the six hats, you will make great strides in your thinking.

This approach helps you to think about one thing at a time while separating emotion from logic, creativity from information and other conflicting thoughts from each other.

As an introduction to this approach; the following are the various hats you should try to use in your thinking. Begin to ask questions and think with each of the perspectives suggested by each hat.

White Hat – Facts and figures. What information do we have, what information is missing and how do we get the information we need?

Red Hat – The emotional view: feelings, hunches, intuition. What’s your gut reaction? How do you feel about this?

Black Hat – The downsides: caution, difficulties, weaknesses, barriers. Is this right?  Is it true? Why can’t we do this? What might not work? What are the dangers and risks?

Yellow Hat – The upsides: benefits, values, positive outcomes. Can this be done? How can we do this? What are the benefits? Why should it work?


Green Hat – the creative side: alternatives, out-of-the-box ideas. What additional possibilities are there? What else can we try?

Blue Hat – the organizing view or overview: Manage the thinking process. How should we think about this? Where are we now? What is the next step? What are the summary points? (This is a good starting point or the first hat to put on)

The Process

The goal is to start with the Blue Hat and progress through each of the hats while thinking and asking the questions that each hat considers. This can be accomplished during a “family meeting” to allow for discussion in a focused and uninterrupted gathering. The key is to let each person answer the questions and apply the thinking of each hat.  Once you have gone through the process of each hat you will find a better solution.


In Summary

Six Thinking Hats is an effective technique for problem solving and decision making because:

·        It allows each person involved to look at the same thing from different perspectives, momentarily turning pessimistic people into optimists vice versa, or invite out-of-the-box thinking from normally stuck-in-the-box thinkers.

·        It makes use of normally excluded elements like feelings, intuition, and skepticism to be brought to the table and influence the decision making process.

·        It opens up the opportunity for collaborative and creative decision making - getting more people involved.

·        Because all possible angles are explored, strategies and decisions developed using the ’Six Thinking Hats’ technique tends to be more sound and foolproof.

·        It’s easier to ask somebody to wear another hat, than tell them to change their thinking or see things from YOUR point of view.

Press Release Website Launch Launches Offering New Approaches to Parenting in an Encouraging Online Environment


Toronto, Canada-- is a new resource for parents that nurtures life skills and independence while taking parenting to the next level. has launched and is taking the online world of references for parenting and family living by storm! It is a social cause, an online resource, and a publisher of parenting books all in one. The website is already enjoying success, and has a multitude of projects underway, including social cause initiatives, crowd funding campaigns, and a petition to engage parents in important change. The site also recently published a book called “Strategies for Parenting- The Road to Independence.”


These amazing and effective resources have been created by a family with over 20 years of parenting experiences and inspired by real parents and teachers who demonstrate excellence in their day to day family lives. The writers and contributors for have the hope that their website, book, and content will begin what they believe is a much needed conversation about a new approach to parenting, and the journey to develop life skills to prepare children for independence.


“Strategies for parenting can make a big difference in the enjoyment of raising children, life skill development, preparation for independence, happiness in families and communities and achieving economic prosperity. Helping create awareness and developing opportunities to change the approach to and skills for parenting is a very worthwhile social cause, and will greatly benefit the society that our children will come to create,” states author Jeff M Brown. Brown is the founder of and


Sale of the book, “Strategies for Parenting- The Road to Independence” will be helping to raise the funds to support the social causes that drive the book and website. The book is unique, logical, simple and an effective approach to parenting. Visit the crowd funding campaign at, and the petition for parents at


Brown says, “The proposition is simple: invest several hours of family time on “Strategies for Parenting- The Road to Independence,” and begin to develop a new approach to parenting. For the cost of lunch and a few hours of time, people can modify their day to day habits and create an amazing bond between parent and child, resulting in a more harmonious and enjoyable family life.”




Jeff Brown





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Please support our campaign to fund the 2nd edition of "Strategies for Parenting - The Road to Independence, the launch of our new website at and our social cause.

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