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This site has been developed to create awareness and start discussions on "strategies for parenting".

As a family (Jeff Brown, Amey Harding, Hayley Brown and Tyler Brown); we experimented for over our 20 years of parenting while working together to develop simple, logical and effective strategies for parenting. We are not child psychologist's or PhD's in early childhood but we are well educated, trained professionals, smart, thoughtful professional parents and model children. We have developed real and practiced strategies which parents and children can understand, relate to and benefit from. 

We have found that once we got the basics right and applied them consistently; then parenting was not that complicated and our chances of success were greater.

As parents we engaged our children to work together and develop strategies that were understandable and could be managed consistently. Over time our approach evolved and integrated with other strategies as we realized the importance of creating a strong foundation.


Our thinking and approach to parenting was very strategic and evolved as our unique approach; praised by other parents and teachers. We did not accept the status quo.


As trained professionals in business; we understood the many skills required to succeed in business and that these skills would also enhance daily lives of children. We broadened our strategies for parenting to include the development of "life skills" for our children while enhancing our own as we nurtured life skills in our children.  We defined life skills as all skills people learn.

Our book deals life skills in much greater detail- foundation for success (eating, sleeping, focus, attitude, reading, value of money), character development (honesty, respect, integrity, empathy, fairness, initiative, courage, perseverance, optimism, responsibility, leadership, perspective, mentoring, interests, bad influences, sense of humor) and coping skills (stress management, expectations, dealing with failure, giving and taking advice, priority setting, learn to compete, life skills through golf), education (education in an out of school, college/university, job and career, entrepreneur skills and dreams)

We established that independence was a goal in our strategies for parenting. We believed, for our children to become independent, we would have to prepare them with life skills and encourage them to become independent. "The road to independence" is a phrase we used for the journey to prepare children for independence. We consciously started, at a very early age, to allow them to develop with the strength of independence while having a close bond and knowing they had the necessary support they needed.

Our approach and experiences has been published in "Strategies for Parenting - The Road to Independence". Our book is available on the "Store" page.

Jeff M. Brown provides the perspective of a father. He is a social entrepreneur who has been successful in helping thousands of kids and families in the areas of learning about business and now parenting. He is the founder of and the author of "The Kids' Guide to Business". Jeff has played a key role in bringing this project together. His primary goal is to help develop parenting. As a professional accountant and entrepreneur he brings good professional discipline and perspective to parenting and preparing kids for independence. Linked In Profile.

Amey Harding provides the perspective of a mother. Amey runs a marketing agency. As a professional and committed parent she brings excellent experience and perspective to parenting. She also recognizes how important it is to have alignment of strategies as a parent working outside of the home.

Hayley Brown provides the perspective of a daughter in strategies for parenting. As an excellent student and accomplished athlete we have developed good strategies for a daughter and excellent work with son and daughter relationships. As a business student majoring in marketing; Hayley is interested in applying her business and marketing education in this project. As a 20 year old she understands the importance and impact of strategies for parenting and the role kids play in successful parenting.

Tyler Brown provides the perspective of a son. He is a marketing student and highly successful individual. He has helped us create excellent strategies to develop a healthy relationship between brother and sister.

In addition to our experiences we also drawn from many other situations we have learned from. We all see parenting in action daily and can learn from observations.